Gunsails Vector 2023


Gunsails Vector 2023, 3 cam Freerace windsurf sail.

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  • 5.6
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Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023
Gunsails Vector 2023


This season, the GS-R's little brother is once again outperforming its speed competitors. No other freerace sail combines the energetic performance of a slalom sail with the lightness, handling and comfort of a freerace sail.
The 3 Cam VECTOR stands out through effortless access to pure planning power, maximum acceleration and top speed.

> 3 Cam High Performance Freeracer with above average planing and maximum control
> Wide, aerodynamic 3D mast sleeve with zip openings for easy camber adjustment
> Offset clew, inner eyelet for more control and handling, outer eyelet for more low wind performance
> 7/7 cross battens concept for maximum profile stability and aerodynamics, all battens are tube battens
> Tack Strap, regulates the downhaul tension and improves profile efficiency
> Airflow aligned battens and neoprene cover on boom cutout for even more aerodynamics

Equipped with 3 Roll-Cams rolls, 7 tube battens and the 3D wing sleeve, the VECTOR maintains its distinct, direct and pressure point stable slalom profile, while still being light in the hand. Even though it resembles a pure race sail, its handling abilities will create lighter and more comfortable ride.
Speed is king! That's why this year's update focused on the three smallest sizes. A slight change to the mast sleeve curve adds a bit more loose leech to the top. These sails now achieve a higher top speed and have a more consistent and harmonious acceleration.
As a tuning option, the two 7 cm offset clew eyelets are available on all sizes, which allow a specific influence on the twist behavior and response. An enormous wind range spreads out in front of you without changing the luff trim.
Equipped with the genes of the GS-R, the VECTOR embodies pure performance and competitiveness, combined with the ease of a Freerace Sail. The VECTOR is the perfect choice for speed enthusiasts, all levels of slalom pilots and match racers.


Cam Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
5.0 164/171 408 7/7 3 fix 18-20 Expert/Select 400 RDM 599,-
5.6 176/182 422 7/7 3 fix 18-20 Expert/Select 400 RDM/SDM** 649,-
6.3 184/191 446 7/7 3 fix 20-22 Expert/Select 430 SDM/RDM** 669,-
7.1 197/204 456 7/7 3 fix 20-22 Expert/Select 430 SDM/RDM** 699,-
7.8 209/216 485 7/7 3 fix 24-26 Expert/Select 460 SDM 719,-
8.6 223/230 503 7/7 3 fix 28-30 Expert/Select 490 SDM 739,-
9.5 227/237 515 7/7 3 fix 28-30 Expert/Select 490 SDM 759,-

* Lower eyelet / Upper eyelet
** SDM bzw. RDM Camber Set necessary

" Gli articoli GUN hanno un alto coefficiente di entrata /uscita dal nostro magazzino e sul nostro sito risultano sempre disponibili. Riceviamo una spedizione ogni 7/10 giorni, pertanto questo è il tempo di attesa medio per la consegna di questi articoli. "

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