The windsurf mast developed for freeride, freerace and slalom, with an excellent quality / price ratio. Much lighter than other 100% branded masts on the market, with significantly higher performance.

  • 370 cm
  • 400 cm
  • 430 cm
  • 460 cm
  • 490 cm
  • 520 cm
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windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80 SDM
windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80 SDM
windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80 SDM
windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80 SDM
windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80 SDM
windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80 SDM
windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80 SDM
windsurf mast Reptile Fibra 80 SDM


The Reptile Fibra 80 SDM is the windsurf mast that contains 80% of carbon fiber, dedicated to all those who make Freeride their reason for living. Despite being 80%, the performance of this windsurf mast is impressive, the perfect mix of strength, reliability and performance.


The Reptile Fibra 80 SDM is one of the most reliable windsurf masts on the market. Developed and produced in Italy, it benefits from the same production process as its more "noble" brother, the FIBRA 100. The autoclave cure cycle is a two-step process. First, vacuum and pressure are applied while the temperature is ramped up to an intermediate level and held there for a short period of time. The heat reduces the resin viscosity, allowing it to flow and making it easier for trapped air and volatiles to escape.

The FIBRA 80 SDM is suitable for those who want a windsurf mast with great performance, strength and comfort to use with their freeride, freerace and, why not, slalom sails. The particular arrangement of the carbon fibers, the exclusive geometry and its curve called CONSTANT CURVE make the FIBRA 80 SDM naturally adaptable to most sails on the market.

Those who buy this product are aware that they are buying a windsurfing mast with high technical characteristics. The perfect windsurf mast for endless hours of summer freerace, it will transform your windsurf sails into something light, fast, responsive.

Technical Details


• T700 Carbon Fibers

• Identification code to trace the production lot.

• Cure cycle of the fibers in an autoclave.

• The exclusive Reptile measuring system, which allows you to identify and measure 10 key points along the entire length of the mast, in order to increase the level of compatibility on the sails on the market.

• Automated cutting system for carbon skins, to ensure greater precision during construction.

• Matte finish to facilitate the insertion of the mast into the sail sleeve and facilitate the rotation of any camber.

• Equalized length technology, lowers the center of gravity of the shaft and reduces the overall length of the mast when it is divided into two parts.

• Cylindrical connection ferrule in T 900 fiber to increase the precision in the connection between top and bottom and increase performance by 20%.


lenght carbon% IMCS type weight (KG) equipment
370 80 16 SDM 1,45 Mastbag
400 80 19 SDM 1,50 Mastbag
430 80 21 SDM 1,65 Mastbag
460 80 25 SDM 1,90 Mastbag
490 80 29 SDM 2,20 Mastbag
520 80 32 SDM 2,35 Mastbag

Product Details

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